Protegido: Reported Speech II ( Answers )

Hi! In the PDF attached below you can check the answers of the exercise for Special verbs you have in your grammar notebook ( direct into indirect speech ). answers special reporting verbs...
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Protegido: Reported Speech I (Answers )

Hi! After practicing the exercises given in class , you can check the answers in the following PDF attached. answers exercises reported...
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Protegido: Writing Essay CAE ( Advanced )

Here you will find an attached document with the most important details to write an essay successfully. Dont forget the most important details we reviewed during our class yesterday ( they are also stated in the document ) and have a look at some expressions and phrases which will be useful for you. Finally , practice with the Writing essay you have in the book ( page 105 ). writing part 1 essay...
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Protegido: Linkers II for Contrast clauses

Hi! With this second chart we complete the theory for linking words. In it you will see different ways to express contrast : However, although , even though, despite…etc. linking words ii fce If you have any doubts , don’t forget to ask your...
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Protegido: Linkers I to pratice clauses

Hi! Here you will find an attached document with some linking words  so that you can have a clearer idea about how to use them and in that way you can practice clauses. Although we have already had a look at it  in class , this is a good opportunity to complete some structures and examples. linking words i fce Take  advantage of it and ask your teacher anything you don’t understand.  ...
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