Protegido: Answers last exercise rephrasing FCE

Hi! Here  you will find the answers of the last exercise of Use of English  part 4 ,  which you have just done . Have a look at them before taking the official exam next Saturday ! Good luck !! answers control fce 2 use of english part 4 5th june...
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Protegido: Script listening mock exam FCE

Hi! Here you will see the document with scripts of the listening exercise part of the mock exam . Have a look at them and check why some of your answers were wrong. I have underlined the key sentences so that it can be easier for you! script listening mock exam...
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Protegido: Listening part Mock Exam FCE

Hi ! Here  you will find the recording which belongs to the listening part of the mock exam. Listen twice to each part you have to practice and mark the right answers in the photocopies so that your teacher will correct it. Good luck!  ...
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Protegido: Keys to write a Story for FCE

Here you have some clues and two examples to write an absorbing story for your FCE exam. Have a look at it paying attention to the tenses ,  vocabulary ( adjectives and adverbs ) , linkers , paragraphs…etc , and then…write a story! clues writing part 2 story...
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Protegido: Answers for reading First test 1

Hi! Here you will find a document with the answers for the three Reading exercises Test 1. Have a look at them to check your answers ! Reading First Test 1...
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Protegido: Answers for listening First Test 1

Hi! Here you will find a document with the answers for your listening exercises . Have a look at it to check them! Listening Test 1...
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