Protegido: Relative clauses

Here you can practice your relative sentences. You must join them using relatives ( who, that, which, where, whose…) . Pay attention to the non-defining clauses ( use commas ). Good luck!! Relatives BACH
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Protegido: Practice conditionals

Here you will see an exercise with some sentences to rewrite them as conditionals ( rephrasing ). Have a look at your notes only if you don´t remember how to do it. Have a try!! Rephrasing conditionals BACH
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Protegido: Direct into indirect speech

Here you have an exercise to report the sentences into indirect speech. Pay attention since they are mixed : statements , questions and imperative sentences. Have a try!! Reported speech BACH
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Protegido: Practice active to passive

Here you will find some sentences ( statements and questions ) in the active voice to rewrite them in passive. Be careful because some of them have two objects. Make an attempt!! Passive BACH
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